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FlexGPT Pricing
FlexGPT Pricing
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FlexGPT provides on-demand data visualization of flexible work policies and trends. FlexGPT is accessible via a web-based interface; you do not need to download or install software to use it.

FlexGPT pricing

FlexGPT’s pricing is usage-based and requires a paid monthly subscription to access. However, we understand the importance of trying before committing, so we offer a free trial period with 7 free charts. Once you're ready to fully experience the benefits of FlexGPT, our subscription is $19.99/mo and includes 50 charts per month.

If you need more than 50 charts in a given month, you can generate 25 more for an additional $9.99. Unused charts expire at the end of the month.

✍️ Note: If all 50 charts are not generated, the remaining charts will expire at the end of the month.

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