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Who can use FlexGPT?

FlexGPT is designed for everyone, but it's especially beneficial to:

  • HR & Workplace Leaders looking for quick statistics and comparisons on how their flexible work approach compares to peer companies

  • Researchers that are looking for data on work location and return to office trends over time

  • Academics that are looking for data points or insights to use in support of academic papers or published pieces of research

  • Journalists that want to be able to quickly pull a flexible work statistic or chart for an article

  • Flexible Work Consultants that are looking for data or insights to support clients in flexible work policy development or implementation

What types of questions can FlexGPT answer?

FlexGPT can answer questions on flexible work policy and trends segmented by industry, company size, and more!

What types of Charts does FlexGPT offer?

FlexGPT provides various chart types, each designed to visualize and showcase flexible work policy data and trends effectively.

Column Charts

Pie Charts

Bar Charts

Line Charts

Where does FlexGPT source its data from?

Flexible work policy data is collected from the Flex Index database which includes 9,000+ companies. Learn more about our methodology here.

How often is the data updated?

Data is updated in real-time as Flex Index listings are added or updated.

How can I download charts?

Charts can be downloaded by clicking the three-bar menu (also known as the hamburger button) located in the upper right-hand corner of the chart and can be downloaded in the following formats: PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG.

How much does FlexGPT cost?

FlexGPT’s pricing is usage-based and requires a paid monthly subscription to access. However, we understand the importance of trying before committing, so we offer a free trial period with 7 free charts. Once you're ready to fully experience the benefits of FlexGPT, our subscription is $19.99/mo and includes 50 charts per month.

If you need more than 50 charts in a given month, you can generate 25 more for an additional $9.99. Unused charts expire at the end of the month.

For more pricing information, please visit our pricing page.

What is FlexGPT’s privacy policy?

To learn more about what information we collect, use, and share, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Where can I report an issue or submit feedback?

If you encounter an issue with a specific chart, hover over the chart to expose the three-dot menu and select the option to flag the issue to our team. For general feedback or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

How can I cancel my FlexGPT subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please contact our support team at [email protected].

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