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Benchmark your office data against peers
Benchmark your office data against peers
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Making the wrong decision on a lease, office design, or policy can cost millions, not to mention the hit to productivity and retention.

With Flex Index’s Office Benchmarks, you’ll have access to unique policy and office metrics to help you evaluate your office footprint, space design, and usage compared to peers with similar policies to inform critical lease and investment decisions.

✍️ Note: In order to benchmark against peers, a paid subscription is required.

To get started, upload your inputs to the Flex Index. Once complete, select the Benchmarks tab under 'Offices' from the left sidebar in the admin dashboard.

When reviewing your Office Benchmarks, you can choose one office or multiple offices, the office type (leased, co-working, owned), and select a filter.

Benchmark filters include:

  • Real estate type

  • Flexible work policy

  • Number of employees assigned to office

  • Industry

  • Company Country

We'll keep adding more detailed filters as we gather more data.

The You column will then display your data in context for each key metric, such as how peers are investing in space compared to you, whether your offices have higher or lower attendance, and how much buffer room your peers leave for the busiest office days.

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