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Office Input Data Accuracy
Office Input Data Accuracy
Updated over a week ago

For Flex Benchmarks to be a valuable product, it is critical that we maintain data accuracy and integrity. Our team diligently monitors the data that is submitted, reviewing each data point within three business days for accuracy.

As part of this review, we look for potential irregularities in the data, including:

  • Metrics falling well outside the norm (e.g., below the 10th percentile or above the 90th percentile)

  • Inputs significantly deviating from policy guidelines (e.g., an organization with a "Full Time in Office" requirement showing attendance well below 100%)

  • Inputs conflicting with each other (e.g., daily attendance exceeding peak attendance)

  • Any other inconsistencies found in the data

If we identify any potential irregularities in the data, a Flex Index team member will reach out to confirm the accuracy of the data point, or to seek further clarification on how the input was calculated. We are committed to working closely with each customer to promptly resolve any issues that may arise with each input.

Should we not receive a timely response, the data point may be removed, and access to associated metrics made unavailable to that customer.

If you have questions regarding our approach or how to make sure you capture inputs correctly, we welcome you to reach out to our support team at: [email protected]

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