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Flex Index tips and best practices
Flex Index tips and best practices
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Navigating Flex Index and refining your company’s Flex Profile is a breeze, and we recognize that every company representative adds a distinctive touch when showcasing their office policies. That's why our set of tips and best practices is designed to help you maximize your experience on Flex Index.

Let’s dive right in! 👇

Optimizing Your Profile

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about flexible work, it’s that there’s much more nuance to a policy than meets the eye. But with Policy Details, you can give a fuller picture of what specific expectations you have on your office requirements.

Not sure where to start? Consider including the following 👇

  • Are there proximity requirements for office attendance?

  • Is there a required number of days in the office?

  • Is there a specific minimum number of days required in the office to qualify for a permanent desk?

  • Are there set office hours for in-office employees?

To add your Policy Details, follow these steps:

  1. Select Edit from your Flex Profile

  2. Under Flex Work Policy > Policy select Edit

  3. Add details under Policy Details

  4. Click Save

Office Requirements & Specific Roles

Office requirements may vary for different roles within your company. Which is why we’ve included a section within your Flex Profile to provide more granular details about role-specific expectations.

Why it matters

Transparency around flexible work offerings and expectations has never been more important. Providing these details doesn’t just help attract the right talent, but also ensures a seamless understanding of your flexible work offerings.

Consider including the following details in your Flex Profile:

  • Do certain roles require a specific amount of time in the office?

    • Ex: Minimum number of days, percentage of time, specific days

  • Are there any differences in office requirements within a specific department?

    • Ex: SDR/BDRs are required to be in the office 3 days/week whereas Account Executives may choose to work remotely

  • Are there additional details on why specific roles are required to be in the office?

    • Ex: Head of Sales wants new hire BDRs to be in the office for in-person mentoring

AI-Generated Company Descriptions

Effortlessly create a detailed About Us section in your Flex Profile with Flex Index's AI-driven company descriptions. Flex Index’s AI taps into publicly available information from your company’s website or draws on its extensive pre-existing knowledge base.

Simply select Generate Description to preview the AI-generated text. You can also re-generate a new version by selecting the same option again. Of course, you can always manually make any further adjustments before publishing your changes.

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