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Create your Flex Index account
Updated over a week ago

You'll need to create an account before adding, editing, or updating your company's Flex Profile, uploading your office inputs, or using FlexGPT. Flex Index offers two methods to create an account, and in both cases, the email domain being used to create your account must match your company's domain. This ensures that only those who are most familiar with your company can make changes.

You can create your Flex Index account by following these steps:

  1. From the Flex Index Home page, select Manage your company

    • Or, from your company's Flex Profile, select any of the Edit options

  2. Next, enter your company email address or select the Google SSO option

  3. If your company already has a Flex Profile, select Join Organization.

    • If your company is not yet listed on Flex Index, select Add Company.

Personal email addresses such as or are not accepted.

✍️ Note: If you selected the email sign-up option, you will need to verify your email address via the link sent to your email inbox to continue.

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