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Who can update company Flex Profiles?

Anyone who is verified as an employee of the company they are trying to update. We verify based on email address and company domain via 2-factor authentication or SSO.

If you believe your company has been updated in error please reach out to us at: [email protected]

Can more than one company representative update a company's Flex Profile?

Yes, currently anyone at your company with a verified matching email domain can add or update your Flex Profile.

Why can’t I manage my company?

Flex Index uses email domains to validate company affiliation. If your domain does not match your company, you will not be able to edit your company's Flex Profile. This can occur when a company has multiple domains or when using a personal email address such as Gmail or Yahoo.

If you think there is an error or your company does not have multiple domains, please reach out to us via: [email protected]

How does Scoop ensure the accuracy of company Flex Profiles?

With Flex Index, we prioritize data accuracy and quality. Only current, verified employees can make updates to company Flex Profiles. We proactively review each updated profile, and at times, we may reach out to the verified employee for additional information or verification. This process is in place to help ensure data precision and reliability.

Where did you get my office requirements?

Our office requirements come from 3 places:

  1. A short survey that is verified based on submitters' email addresses/domains.

  2. Employer-provided information directly on Flex Index. All information added directly to Flex Index requires company email verification.

  3. Research from publicly available information such as press releases, job descriptions, and company websites.

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